Small Businesses Catch a FSMA Compliance Break

The nation’s new food safety law took effect for a substantial┬áchunk of the vast food industry in mid-September. But the Food and Drug Administration, rightly concerned that smaller sized manufacturers might not have the resources to comply with the complicated new regs, has given that segment a break by putting off compliance for another year, until August. 30, 2017. (There’s even another year added for really small businesses, those with less than a $1 million in annual sales, counting inventory).

In the meantime, and again due to the complicated nature of the law, the FDA has explained that in the first few months following enactment, it will emphasize education in the details of compliance, rather than enforcement of the regs. But manufacturers beware: the agency adds that “egregious” violations of the new standards will be dealt with severely, including the possibility of a mandated recall. That threat alone ought to spur compliance; a major Class I recall can cost a brand millions of dollars in returned or destroyed product, plus incaluable damage to the copany’s reputation.

For additional information, here’s a link to a blog by CRC Industries, Inc., (a food industry supplier of machine lubricants). ┬áThe site that has become a “must visit” source for businesses of all sizes in the food manufacturing industry:

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