Sanitary Design of Bakery Equipment

The review of the ANSI/ASB/Z50.2 Standard for the sanitary design of bakery equipment has been an on-going project we have managed for the past year. Many of you may recall the BISSC Bakery Equipment standard – this is now an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard. We have been charged with coordinating the update and revisions to the standard and have made significant progress. Visit for more information.

The primary importance of sanitary design of food processing equipment is the production of safe foods. This is important from two standpoints. First, to protect food from contamination during the production process and second, to provide for ease of cleaning. For example, niches and ledges in food zones of equipment provide areas for microbes to grow and places for allergenic materials to build up, leading to contamination of food items. When these niches and ledges can be prevented in the design of the equipment, difficult or impossible areas to clean are eliminated. The cost of cleaning a piece of equipment is a reoccurring cost that goes on over the life of the equipment, therefore, sanitary design is important for both ease of cleaning and cost control.

During the past year, we have revisited the definitions of theĀ ANSI/ASB/Z50.2 Standard and have task groups working on sections of the standard pertaining to individual types of equipment used in the production of bakery and snack foods. We would like to have more volunteers involved in production, maintenance and sanitation of equipment for bakery and snack foods. Come join us!

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